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The first PANDA group in Bat Yam: learning how to cope with crisises

We have recently opened the first PANDA group in the Yad Rachel Afterschool Center in Bat Yam. The group is dyadic, which means it provides a therapy to 7 parent-child pairs from the group.
PANDA (The name is based on the Hebrew abbreviation of the sentence “Here We’ll learn the ways to cope”) is a new and a very special program, dedicated to self-regulation amongst children. It is based on the latest knowledge in the field of building and strengthening the ability to self-regulation, including techniques of mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral methods and narrative interventions that are applied creatively and playfully.
The first meeting was a preparatory meeting for parents only, next week we will also meet with the children and start working together and learn about new methods of coping with various kinds of crisises.

Paz After School Center Exhibition In Israeli Museum

This week there was an impressive and exciting event at the Israeli Museum. Kids from Paz After School Center which is operated by Yad Rachel in Rainbow Talpaz school in East Talpiot in Jerusalem, presented their art works to their families, school officials and representatives of the Ministry of Welfare. The exhibition at the museum was the end of a very significant process occurred in the past two months, during which the children came once a week, accompanied by a museum’s art instructor, Mrs. Nina Elan. They produced several series of works of art related to nature and life circles. The exposure of children to the subject, the art and the museum was very significant for them. During the work they have learned a lot about themselves and their friends and acquired many tools that will help them in their lives. In addition to the exhibition of children’s works of, families also received a guided tour of one of the current exhibitions at the museum and  were interested in it, asked lot of questions and participated very actively.

This is not the first time we have such cooperation with Israel Museum and all the museums in the country and every time we are excited about the intensity of the process and the exhibitions themselves for the children and their parents and therapeutic work done outside the treatment room.

Shahar Afterschool Center Is Re-Opened

As well, after several months that the Shahar Center for children with behavioral difficulties in Ramle, was closed for reasons beyond our control, it is re-opened this week. The children were waiting for and looking forward this badly. They wanted to return to their normal activities. They were greating the team and new staff members with great joy. The first week of activities was dedicated by staff to getting to know each other and the rules of the Center. In addition the kids enjoyed from the yoga class we started this year, which is taught by a professional teacher. We are happy that joy and excitement are high, and we wish much success to the children and staff

An Enrichment Center Opens In Lod

This month we have begun operating the Enrichment and Empowerment Center in our building in Lod. Enrichment activities are offered to the children of the Lod city community, wherein over 40 children will enjoy three classes: thinking games, science, and comics.


A Year Opening Event

Every year all the staff members of Yad Rachel come together for a year opening event in Jerusalem. This time the greetings and wishes from the management were followed by a lecture by Amir Ohana who told the story of his life. We heard from Amir how significant can be the connection between people. He told us how the special bond which formed between him and the counselor in the youth movement helped Amir to make a significant change in his life. Often we talk about the relationship we create with our clients as a central aspect in our  work. This evening, we received additional reinforcement for this.

For those who have not been here a brief taste of that night:

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