Winter at Tel Aviv After School Centers: Greetings from a Warm Home

There is good news from our clubs in Tel Aviv – the winter is very hot and full of activities!

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Fishing rods, not the fish

As every holiday, this Pesach DSPG workers have already met for the packing of food packages, which were a few days ago sent to Yad Rachel centers around the country. The trucks brought us lots of good good things, donated and packed with great love.

DSP Group company and employees partner with us for a decade. Not only they give us the “fish”, but also generously generously provide our children with “fishing rods”. Beyond food supplies they are concerned about financing educational programs for children and their family members.

In Yad Rachel we know, that only with the help of the best quality education we can break the cycle of poverty and enable our children a better future.

It is a privilege for us to be accompanied by the company’s employees, for whom the words justice and kindness are not just words, but accompanied with deeds full of love, caring and respect.

This Passover Yad Rachel children will be happy and full not only wit the meal, but also with the knowledge.

Cooperation between Yad Rachel Center in Mavkiim with Magav Police Unit

For several years there was a close relationship and cooperation between Yad Rachel Center in Mavkiim with Magav Police Unit in the area. The police unit members visited the Center, spent time together with the children, became really attached to them, took an active part in the educational and therapeutic process and arranged for us unique activities around the festivals and events throughout the year. The children, both staff and police officers were very excited about the meetings, gained unique experience and felt very good together.

The connection to the community is very important to us and at every opportunity that we can hold joint activities with community organizations in the Center, we try to do so.

On this occasion the Magav unit made huge contribution through their they giving to the children of the Center.

Sports in Bat Yam With Our Volunteers

Another volunteer activity was held at our Aferschool Center in Bat Yam by the Sports Association of Holon. They offered the kids sportive training with attractive equipment and had a soccer match between the Center’s kids and their own children. During the year a number of such meetings are planned to take place.

El Al Volunteers Are Back

In our work we’ve created relationships with many volunteers, some individuals and some come as a pert of organizations. During the previous year we’ve created a strong partnership with a team of El Al employees, who have visited a number of times during the year at our Afterschool Center in Ramle, bringing along lots of accessories for various activities and especially a lot of positive attitude and a desire to give. At the end of the year, the children were invited to visit the company’s main site at Ben Gurion Airport. We were pleased when during this Chanukah, our contact with the team was renewed and they came back and took a part in center’s work.