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Year Closing Event in Alon Shvut Center

Yesterday the children and their family members of the Alon After School Center of Yad Rachel in the Alon Shvut community gathered for a festive event to mark the end of the year of joint activity with the parents. The families met at Ammunition Hill and tried some challenging activities in which the parents and the children together coped with climbing to huge heights, walking on ropes and surfing in the omega while helping, encouraging, and especially enjoying together.

After that, Mastershef’s cooking activity took place and the families received a great meal othey nade together.

This activity summarizes a year of joint activity with the parents during which they regularly arrived at the program and received a unique quality time together with their children. We were very excited all year long to see them at the Center and enjoy their cooperation. We were also excited to see the children and parents enjoying the various joint activities.

This week in Yad Rachel Centers in the Central District

Tel Aviv – an important activity – a fun day out for the Center’s children a  in an experiential center ”Mahuti” (Meaningful).

Lod – As part of the mothers Empowerment Group Jasmine Center, they started yoga class.

Ramle – team building evening was arranged for two Center’s teams and also a baking workshop for parents – presented by parents of one of the children. Fun to see the dedicated and creative work was …
השבוע במועדוניות המרכז

The Family Day In Nitzan Center

Yad Rachel After-School Center in Nitzan chose to celebrate the Family Day with the Chef’s School dedicated to this special day. The children made pralines in different flavours of their choice. After preparing the chocolate they turned to writing a blessing and gift wrap for the sweets they created for the family.

Healthy nutrition workshop for parents of Afterschool Center children in the South

The Yad Rachel Afterschool Centers in Yishuv Nitzan and Yishuv Mavki’im started a nutrition workshop for parents this month, provided by “Leket Israel”.

The workshop is taught by a nutritionist, and during the meetings the parents learn about healthy nutrition, receive tips and recipes for healthy meals, and even practice cooking. In our work with children and parents at Activity Centers, we touch the lives of the families and the kids and try to improve their quality of life in various aspects.