Brief History of Yad Rachel

Yad Rachel was established in the early 1980’s by three educators and social workers who immigrated to Israel from France: Mrs. Micheline Trèves z”l, Mrs. Marlène Grebler z”l and Mrs. Lili Weil who currently serves as president of Yad Rachel. The three women wanted to provide under privileged children from the Katamonim neighborhood in Jerusalem the same educational opportunities that they would wish for their own children and grandchildren.

Yad Rachel began as a small center offering remedial instruction to the neighborhood children and gradually developed into a national network of Educational Therapy and Parent-Child Centers serving 1,800 children and their families. Yad Rachel’s facilities operate in Jerusalem, Lod, Ramle, Bat-Yam, Beitar Illit, and the Regional Councils of Lachish, Shafir, Yoav, Hof Ashkelon, and Gush Etzion.

Our Mission:

Yad Rachel is a leading NGO in the development and implementation of educational and therapeutic programs that assist children at risk and their families in Israel to successfully cope with the challenges of life.

Our main Purpose:

Our main purpose is to build a leading and innovative educational and therapeutic approach, based on compassion and inclusion, to create the protected, enriching, and experiential and space for children and their families and to implement in them the belief that they’ve got the power to build themselves a better future.

Our goals:

– Reduce the level of risk for the children and their families.

– Prevent the unnecessary removal of the children from their home and family.

– Give more appropriate responses to the needs of at-risk children and their families.