Yad Rachel currently operates 7 parent-child centers across Israel,  serving over 800 at-risk children and their families.

All  branches of our Center serve clients all year round, making no differences between Israeli born and immigrants, religious and secular, Jews and Arabs.

Yad Rachel Parent-Child Centers are:

  • A nationwide network of multi-professional therapeutic centers for kids at-risk and their families. This long-term, sucessfull intervention program prevents parental abuse, neglect, children development problems and educational difficulties.
  • A unique treatment, composed individually for each family by picking up the most appropriate methods out of varied types of psychological counseling: individual, dyadic (parent-child), couple, group and/or family and wide range of alternative therapeutic options: gardening, art, animals and music therapy, psychodrama and more.
  • A provider of tools and strength for parents to empower their kids for a future success, while struggling with all possible challenges of building a family in an unprivileged and peripheral area of Israel. It strengthens a family unit it by employing various therapeutic methods, promoting healthy interaction between its members.

These parent-child centers offer their help to foster the family relationship and allow for a positive impact on the child’s development. During the therapeutic process, we work closely with the family, creating a partnership, to identify problems and formulate the most effective and sustainable course of treatment for that family. Using an established assessment process to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each family, our professional staff is able to design a therapeutic strategy for working with the parents and children, and to formulate guidelines for addressing and treating key problems. With a focus on promoting the healthy development of our children, we also address the parents and their issues, including the relationship between the two parents (assuming two active parents) and the relationship with all children. We work directly with the parents to enhance parenting and communication skills in order to improve and sustain essential relations with their children, and to attempt to reduce and prevent further parental neglect or abuse.

Program goals:

  • Promote the child’s emotional well-being at home, in school and in the centers
  • Reduce or prevent risk situations among children by helping families build their own strength
  • Rehabilitate and improve parent-child relationships
  • Improve parenting in terms of how to care for children and relate to them
  • Provide assistance in preserving family unity while at the same time ensuring proper conditions for the child’s development
  • Provide a set of alternatives for parents in terms of caring for and relating to children, in order to prevent neglect and abuse

About 80% of our Centers’ families report meaningful progress in the family’s ability to communicate and establish an emotional connection between members. Most families also report an increase in their abilities to maintain behavioral rules at home, to provide children with proper daily care and to communicate more effectively with their child’s educators and social welfare authorities. In the long-term we aim for our children to become mature adults who establish functional families and integrate successfully into the work force.

Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services
JDC Israel
Yedidut Toronto
Sponsor a family in a Parent-Child Center:
6 months –  $5,560 
1 year   –  $11,120 
3 years  –  $16,700

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