In response to the needs of the community, Yad Rachel operates a network of After School Educational Therapy Centers across Israel

Yad Rachel 27 After School Educational Therapy Centers provide a safe, enriching and experiential space, where at-risk children and their families get individually and professionally tailored educational and psychological therapeutic treatment. Each one of our Education Therapy Centers provides 5 days a week after-school programming and activities for 15 at-risk children, and offer a comprehensive and focused treatment designed by our professional staff, that provides the kids with skills that help them to cope successfully with challenges of life. ​Most of our centers situated in mixed and unprivileged neighborhoods and often Yad Rachel is the ultimate address for at-risk kids in the area.

The main goal of these after-school centers is to prevent removal of at-risk children with various emotional, behavioral and educational difficulties from their homes and to provide them with the necessary skills to excel in adulthood.

Our centers mainly provide after school programming and offer a comprehensive and focused treatment that has the power to change our children’s quality of life. At the beginning of the school year, each child is carefully assessed and an individual treatment program is designed to suit his or her needs.

Our centers operate throughout the school year, beginning in September, and we also have a summer program in July and August. Throughout the year, our professional staff works with the children to help them overcome their difficulties and continuously assesses their progress.

We aim to rebuild the child’s trust in the adult world by creating a sheltered, positive environment for all of our children.

Program goals:

  • Promote the child’s emotional well-being at home, in school and in the centers
  • Reduce or prevent risky situations among children
  • Ensure proper conditions for the child’s development
  • Strengthen social skills and interactions
  • Provide a positive learning experience and improve learning habits
  • Provide the child with necessary tools and skills to excel and achieve future success
  • Provide a therapeutic response to children within the community, preventing their removal from their homes
  • Improve parent-child relationships
Local Authorities
Fonds Social Juif Unifié
The Weinberg Foundation
The UJA Federation of New York
The Steinhart Foundation for Jewish Life
Abraham and Sonia Rochlin Foundation
Matan Israel
DSP Group, Inc.
Marvell Technology Group, Ltd.
Private donors from Israel and abroad
Sponsor a child-at-risk in an After-School Therapeutic Center:

1 month  –  $720
6 months –  $4,320
1 year   –  $8,640
3 years  –  $25,920

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