Happy New Year 2021

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Contribution of looking through the lens of trauma to work with children at-risk

Yad Rachel Educational & Therapeutic Centers, as a leading organization in treatment of children at-risk and their families in the community, invests much effort in teams training and in establishing partnerships with academic organizations in the field. This year, Yad Rachel and the Haruv Institute are giving a training course to the staff on the subject “Contribution of looking through the lens of trauma to work with children at-risk”.

In this course, the team was exposed to the principles of trauma treatment, its impact and how to cope with its expression. Knowing more about this, is ment to assist the staff intreating children and their family members in Yad Rachel Centers.

Most of the children and youth who come to our After School Centers have experienced traumatic events in the family. These events influenced their development and their relationships with their parents. Today’s studies point to the dramatic implications of childhood trauma on the development of the brain, on mental and physical health, and even on the lifespan.

The “lens” of trauma sees the development of children, parents’ parenting models, and the relationships between the family members, in light of traumatic events that occur in the family. It emphasizes an active approach that includes elements such as direct and specific discussion of the past traumas, linking child difficulties and parenting difficulties to events that have occurred and building a narrative with children concerning the events that happened to them, paying attention to the physical aspects of trauma, building a safe space for children and staying aware of the possibilities of re-traumatization during the therapy.

The course is held by Paula David and Dr. Ronit Sharon. Paula David is is a social worker and a graduate of the psychotherapy course of the Jerusalem Psychoanalytic Society, the director of the Curriculum Division at the Haruv Institute, working in a private clinic, and also as a coordinator of training in Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP). Dr. Ronit Sharon – Social Worker, Director of the Talia Center for Children and Parents, lecturer at the Hebrew University.

עמותת יד רחל מרכזים חינוכיים טיפוליים, כגוף מוביל בכל הקשור בטיפול בילדים ומשפחות בסיכון בקהילה, משקיעה רבות בהכשרת הצוותים ובשותפויות עם גופי ידע בתחום. השנה יד רחל ומכון חרוב מעבירים השתלמות לצוות  בנושא “תרומת המבט דרך העדשה של טראומה לעבודה עם ילדים בסיכון”.

בפעילות נחשף הצוות לעקרונות של טיפול בטראומה, השפעתה וכיצד להתמודד עם ביטויה- אשר יסייעו לצוות המועדונית בטיפול בילדים בסיכון.

רוב הילדים ובני הנוער שמגיעים למועדוניות, חוו אירועים טראומטיים במשפחה. אירועים אלה השפיעו על התפתחותם ועל הקשרים שלהם עם הוריהם.  מחקרים של היום מצביעים על השלכות דרמטיות של טראומה בילדות על המוח המתפתח, הבריאות הנפשית והפיזית, ואפילו על תחולת החיים.

ה”עדשה” של טראומה רואה את התפתחות הילדים, ההורות של הורים, והקשרים ביניהם, לאור אירועים טראומטיים שמתרחשים במשפחה. היא מדגישה גישה אקטיבית, הכוללת אלמנטים כגון דיבור ישיר ומפורש על טראומות העבר, קישור קשיי הילד וקשיי הורות לאירועים שקרו ובניית נרטיב עם ילדים על האירועים שקרו להם, תשומת לב לביטויים הגופניים של טראומה, בניית מרחב מוגן לילדים, וערנות לאפשרויות של רה-טראומטיזציה במרחב הטיפולי.

התכנים מוגשים על ידי מרצות המומחות במחום – פולה דוד וד”ר רונית שרון. פולה דוד  היא עובדת סוציאלית ובוגרת קורס הפסיכותרפיה של החברה הפסיכואנליטית בירושלים, מנהלת האגף לתוכניות לימוד, מכון חרוב. בעלת קליניקה פרטית. במסגרת העבודה במכון חרוב, מרכזת את ההכשרה בפסיכותרפיה ילד-הורה (Child-Parent Psychotherapy, CPP). ד”ר רונית שרון  – עובדת סוציאלית, מנהלת מרכז טליה לילדים והורים, מרצה באוניברסיטה העברית.

Our kids at FESTIGAL 2017

Oh, what a great holiday was it! Our kids went to the Festigal 2017 concert!

We are so thankful to Tel Aviv Convention Center for the tickets!

You made the holiday for our kids!

Year Closing Event in Alon Shvut Center

Yesterday the children and their family members of the Alon After School Center of Yad Rachel in the Alon Shvut community gathered for a festive event to mark the end of the year of joint activity with the parents. The families met at Ammunition Hill and tried some challenging activities in which the parents and the children together coped with climbing to huge heights, walking on ropes and surfing in the omega while helping, encouraging, and especially enjoying together.

After that, Mastershef’s cooking activity took place and the families received a great meal othey nade together.

This activity summarizes a year of joint activity with the parents during which they regularly arrived at the program and received a unique quality time together with their children. We were very excited all year long to see them at the Center and enjoy their cooperation. We were also excited to see the children and parents enjoying the various joint activities.

Le dernier article paru sur Yad Rachel dans Communauté Nouvelle

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Happy Independence Day From Yad Rachel


Our first project on a J-GIVE website- a hot meal program for after school centers

Greetings to all our partners and friends!

We are making the first steps in a very modern and interesting way to give you an opportunity to support our projects –  J-GIVE website, which allows to accept financial contributions without unnecessary fees and costs. Your donation goes directly to us. There is only minimal clearance costs, which would anyway be charged when donating through credit card.

We will be delighted if you could help us publish our first campaign there and, of course, if you would like to donate!

To go to the donation page  through J-GIVE, please click here or on the image:

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And please Share-Share-Share!

Forward the link to this page to as many people as you can!

Thank you in advance and good week!

Fishing rods, not the fish

As every holiday, this Pesach DSPG workers have already met for the packing of food packages, which were a few days ago sent to Yad Rachel centers around the country. The trucks brought us lots of good good things, donated and packed with great love.

DSP Group company and employees partner with us for a decade. Not only they give us the “fish”, but also generously generously provide our children with “fishing rods”. Beyond food supplies they are concerned about financing educational programs for children and their family members.

In Yad Rachel we know, that only with the help of the best quality education we can break the cycle of poverty and enable our children a better future.

It is a privilege for us to be accompanied by the company’s employees, for whom the words justice and kindness are not just words, but accompanied with deeds full of love, caring and respect.

This Passover Yad Rachel children will be happy and full not only wit the meal, but also with the knowledge.

Celebrating Passover in Mavkiim Center

Waiting for Passover approaching, the children gathered yesterday in Yad Rachel Center in Mavkiim and and celebrated the holiday together along with the team of the Center. They held a meal, printed their own Agadot, set the most beautiful table and created a very festive atmosphere. This is an opportunity for us to wish happy holiday for all our patients, staff and their families. We wish everyone a pleasant holiday full of experiences.