Dear friends and partners,

The children who found refuge at Janusz Korczak’s orphanage came from circumstances of poverty and abuse, and brought fear, anxiety and suspicion with them. Korczak did not refer them to tutors, therapists, psychologists or special education experts; instead, he took upon himself to replace that which they had been robbed of by means of “pedagogical love.” According to Korczak, pedagogical love is achieved when adults gain the respect of children, embody spirituality, become a role model and set an example with their own actions. In addition, Korczak believed that adults should avoid the use of coercive authority, respect children, encourage their independence, and promise them happiness together with intellectual support and fulfillment.

For more than a decade, I have been proud to serve as the head of Yad Rachel, an organization that works

toward the individual fulfillment the individual child and preserves their right to a safe and loving environment. Over the years, we have established educational and therapeutic centers that provide treatment and care tailored to the needs of the individual child and their family. These centers help our children realize their potential in a warm and protected home-like atmosphere.  We have aspired to create an environment that is respectful of the child and their family, a place where education and therapy are positive experiences for all.

After many years of experience working with children at risk and their families, we developed an intervention program which treats children from within the community and prevents removal from their homes. We believe that children who experience a beneficial home atmosphere acquire the tools and ability to later function as normative and mature adults, establish functional families and integrate successfully into the work force.

Yad Rachel has embraced excellence, dedication, innovation, respect, professionalism, transparency, modesty and warm family values.  Our devoted team, management and professional staff offer high standards of service and provide dedicated care.  Alongside the development of therapeutic and educational programs, we have also devoted attention to the formulation of the appropriate working procedures and ethics which allow us to grow and expand into the future.

On behalf of our children, I invite you to visit our website and become partners in this wonderful activity. We appreciate your support of the children of Israel, and your help in ensuring them a better future.

Sara Weil