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Celebrating Passover in Mavkiim Center

Waiting for Passover approaching, the children gathered yesterday in Yad Rachel Center in Mavkiim and and celebrated the holiday together along with the team of the Center. They held a meal, printed their own Agadot, set the most beautiful table and created a very festive atmosphere. This is an opportunity for us to wish happy holiday for all our patients, staff and their families. We wish everyone a pleasant holiday full of experiences.

Purim in Yad Rachel

These days we celebrate the holiday of Purim all around the country. Of course, it also was felt in our programs. The team members are doing their best to give children a special experience, colorful and happy.

Here are only several examples: our  main building in Jerusalem became a palace with a fancy banquet hall, Alonim Afterschool Center became a live jungle, the Center in Mavkiim turned to a magical world of Alice in Wonderland and the kids from  Alon Shvut were surprised to celebrate the holiday in  the Kingdom of Sweets.

Thanks to huge effort of the staff members and their orientation towards the needs of our children, the kids from our Centers had really  happy and special Purim holiday.

Cooperation between Yad Rachel Center in Mavkiim with Magav Police Unit

For several years there was a close relationship and cooperation between Yad Rachel Center in Mavkiim with Magav Police Unit in the area. The police unit members visited the Center, spent time together with the children, became really attached to them, took an active part in the educational and therapeutic process and arranged for us unique activities around the festivals and events throughout the year. The children, both staff and police officers were very excited about the meetings, gained unique experience and felt very good together.

The connection to the community is very important to us and at every opportunity that we can hold joint activities with community organizations in the Center, we try to do so.

On this occasion the Magav unit made huge contribution through their they giving to the children of the Center.

Hanukkah Celebrations in Afterschool Centers

All our Centers celebrated Hanukkah with a scope of special festive activities. Most places have held a party together with the parents, providing unique and fun experience while discovering together symbolic meanings of the holiday, its customs and traditions, the connection between these symbols, paying attention to the emotional aspect of working with children and family members. Nitzan and Mavki’im Centers held the traditional event Mishpahanuka. Both Centers offered the children and their parents a full day of activities. The families were engaged in a very special way and shared the experience with children. The feedbacks in both Centers were very positive and exciting. These days were made possible thank to a huge effort of the teams before and of and during the activities. Here is a short video link tor you to have a taste of this unique experience: