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Evening dedicated to the staff members of the Central Region

Once a in a while we bring together some of Yad Rachel  170 staff members of the from different frameworks we operate across the country, who invest so many hours and energies and powers to fulfil the needs of many hundreds of patients. The staff try to improve as much as possible in helping the patients and respond to their needs. They do so with great dedication and great love. Yesterday, the Center team from all the Central Region gathered at the special evening meeting.

This is one of the ways for us to thank them and express our appreciation to employees for their wonderful work, try to see them as good as they see their patients  and respond to some of the needs of their challenging and complex work. At the event they’ve met with  playback theatre  “Spark” crew. The staff told stories of everyday life at the After School Centers, stories about the challenges they face in their work, stories about children who challenged them, the dilemmas they had while working, and actors presented their stories in front of everyone while they improvise and dramatise the stories as they see and experience them. The experience was very successful and funny and everyone seemed to have really enjoyed. At the end of the evening everyone enjoyed a dinner made by the team leaders.

This week in Yad Rachel Centers in the Central District

Tel Aviv – an important activity – a fun day out for the Center’s children a  in an experiential center ”Mahuti” (Meaningful).

Lod – As part of the mothers Empowerment Group Jasmine Center, they started yoga class.

Ramle – team building evening was arranged for two Center’s teams and also a baking workshop for parents – presented by parents of one of the children. Fun to see the dedicated and creative work was …
השבוע במועדוניות המרכז

Shahar Afterschool Center Is Re-Opened

As well, after several months that the Shahar Center for children with behavioral difficulties in Ramle, was closed for reasons beyond our control, it is re-opened this week. The children were waiting for and looking forward this badly. They wanted to return to their normal activities. They were greating the team and new staff members with great joy. The first week of activities was dedicated by staff to getting to know each other and the rules of the Center. In addition the kids enjoyed from the yoga class we started this year, which is taught by a professional teacher. We are happy that joy and excitement are high, and we wish much success to the children and staff

El Al Volunteers Are Back

In our work we’ve created relationships with many volunteers, some individuals and some come as a pert of organizations. During the previous year we’ve created a strong partnership with a team of El Al employees, who have visited a number of times during the year at our Afterschool Center in Ramle, bringing along lots of accessories for various activities and especially a lot of positive attitude and a desire to give. At the end of the year, the children were invited to visit the company’s main site at Ben Gurion Airport. We were pleased when during this Chanukah, our contact with the team was renewed and they came back and took a part in center’s work.

The opening of Bar’am Afterschool  Center, an Afterschool Center for the Arab society in Ramle

Following quite a few bureaucratic difficulties, we are happy to have re-opened the Bar’am Afterschool Center. This is the fifth year the Center has been operating in the city, and it seems to be very important to the families and children. The first parent-child meeting this year took place recently. During the activity, each family prepared a sign for their home. The activity was very successful. The children and parents were excited to create together, and the atmosphere was excellent. After the activity, each family took the sign home. This Afterschool Center, like the others, emphasize work with children and parents together, based on the professional approach of working with a child in the context of the family.