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Learning music at the Afterschool Centers

The Yad Rachel Afterschool Center at Bat Yam has received a synthesizer. The team has decided very creatively to use the synthesizer as an additional tool for working with the children. They have begun teaching the kids how to play, and the kids have learned to use it as a new way to calm down when they need to, and just for enjoying the music, too.

At the Bat Ayin Center, the staff chose to apply their musical abilities and teach the children how to play guitar. The parents contributed a symbolic payment, and Yad Rachel funded the rest, and so each child received a guitar. Once a week their counselors give them a guitar playing class.

At the Afterschool Centers, we look for the healthy abilities in children and make an effort to strengthen these abilities and improve their positive experience

Keeping in touch with Afterschool Center graduates

The Afterschool Center at Alon Shvut has decided to remain in touch with its graduates. Kids who have gone through several years of the therapy process at the Center, return to the Center for a day a week. They have lunch, help the young children with their homework, and take part in the activities. Some days the graduates plan the activities together with the team of counselors and run them for the children by themselves.

Such days let us stay in touch with the graduates, and let them give back for what they have received over the years.