A fun evening for Bat Yam mothers

Recently we’ve arranged a fun evening for the mothers of the kids from our After School Center in Bat Yam.

The purpose of the evening was just to let them enjoy one evening without the children, husbands, and other things to worry about, the evening just for them.

We invited a makeup artist who works a lot in various fashion styles. She gave a lecture about ways to apply a makeup and also many great tips about cosmetics and care, trying to adjust to the needs of for each one of the mothers.

Finally there was a rich and healthy dinner, and we presented a modest gift to every woman who came!

The event was very successful and everyone had a lot of fun!

Mother’s Day in Jasmine Center

Towards upcomming Mother’s Day celebrated soon by Arab society, in Jasmine After School Club for Arab society in Lod there was held a spacial parent-child activity. The families met a yoga teacher, who read them a story and practiced exercises movements according to the figures that appeared in the story. The attendance ind themcollaboration of the families was high. Some families whose children are not regularly in the Center, also came to the event. There was great excitement among mothers and children and they seem really enjoying it.

The lecture on domestic violence fore a group of an Afterschool Centers’ mothers

As part of the Jasmine Center’s work  in Lod, there is functioning a support group of mothers. Mothers gather every week and take part in various activities and lectures. The meetings deal with issues related to parenthood and in addition there are experiential sessions and meetings for enrichment.
Today we held a lecture on domestic violence. The lecture was delivered by Samah Ighbarieh –  social worker who specializes in the subject.  Our mothers group received information on the characteristics of domestic violence as well as tools available to families deal with such violence. They were very interested and the fascinating discussion developed between the women in the group.