Children As Partners In Afterschool Centers

One of the goals that we’ve decided to promote this year at Yad Rachel Educational And Therapeutic Afterschool Centers in the Cenral and Southern regions was “Involving the kids” in decision making and various therapeutic activities and processes. As part of this concept, the children were invited private talks prior their “professional committees” were held to make descisions about them. Our purpose was to let them express their opinion, or even participate in determining the content of the various activities during the week in Afterschool Centers. This descision grew on the base of a belief that the child is worty to be relied in and has the forces to choose tobe a relevant partner and to grow up holding positive active position in life.
In our Centers for children with behavioral difficulties in Bat Yam children regulary participate in choosing content and arranging activities for other group members. In the picture, illustrating this, you may see the activity that was held yesterday on the topic “boycotts and violence”.

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