Healthy nutrition workshop for parents of Afterschool Center children in the South

The Yad Rachel Afterschool Centers in Yishuv Nitzan and Yishuv Mavki’im started a nutrition workshop for parents this month, provided by “Leket Israel”.

The workshop is taught by a nutritionist, and during the meetings the parents learn about healthy nutrition, receive tips and recipes for healthy meals, and even practice cooking. In our work with children and parents at Activity Centers, we touch the lives of the families and the kids and try to improve their quality of life in various aspects.

An Enrichment Center Opens In Lod

This month we have begun operating the Enrichment and Empowerment Center in our building in Lod. Enrichment activities are offered to the children of the Lod city community, wherein over 40 children will enjoy three classes: thinking games, science, and comics.


Keeping in touch with Afterschool Center graduates

The Afterschool Center at Alon Shvut has decided to remain in touch with its graduates. Kids who have gone through several years of the therapy process at the Center, return to the Center for a day a week. They have lunch, help the young children with their homework, and take part in the activities. Some days the graduates plan the activities together with the team of counselors and run them for the children by themselves.

Such days let us stay in touch with the graduates, and let them give back for what they have received over the years.


Training day for our team leaders and social worker in Afterschool Centers

Throughout the year, Yad Rachel emphasizes the importance of learning and raising the professional skills of the staff. As part of this each year we arrange a series of seminars for all the After School Centers  teams. First one of such meetings took place this month and was designated to the team leaders and social workers. A course was based on learning and analyzing the article “parental voice” – about parenting as a mental developmental process  written by Ronit Plotnik.

A Year Opening Event

Every year all the staff members of Yad Rachel come together for a year opening event in Jerusalem. This time the greetings and wishes from the management were followed by a lecture by Amir Ohana who told the story of his life. We heard from Amir how significant can be the connection between people. He told us how the special bond which formed between him and the counselor in the youth movement helped Amir to make a significant change in his life. Often we talk about the relationship we create with our clients as a central aspect in our  work. This evening, we received additional reinforcement for this.

For those who have not been here a brief taste of that night:

click here to see the video


The everyday life in Afterschool Centers in Jerusalem

Everything feels new after the holidays… Holidays ended and the daily routine of the clubs began. The children come regularly and even holidays do not interrupt our work. Team members are able to spend all the resources and energies for creating a significant a process. Fortunately, after many bureaucratic difficulties that do not depend on us, the Centers opened also in Jerusalem. After a long time of preparation and anticipation both children and staff met again and started working, learning and creating with great excitement.